Our Mission

Many of the solutions to the world's pressing issues lie in our cities - where more and more people live. We must take a new approach to resolving them: integrated, collaborative, common, and bold. And we must do so fast, and be able to evidence the value through our endeavours.

Our mission is to make a material difference to the transformation of cities worldwide.

A bold undertaking, and one that we can only accomplish by working together with others. 

We are doing so already, through our work on international standardisation, through our association with leading institutions that are driving the smart city agenda, and through our strong sustained relationships with cities, experts, and partners that work with cities across the world.

Join the movement. Think and act boldly. Work differently. Make urban transformation happen one bit at a time.


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inventing a new model of urbanism

with progressive cities and their partners

about us

How we accomplish it


Three strands of DNA define our work


Innovation is not coincidental; it must be a managed process. We bring a wholly new way of collaborating within and across cities; well researched ideas to inform a quality dialogue; fresh new idea from cities worldwide, and from other relevant industry leading practice; and the right people to support innovation.

Comprehensive advice, and solutions you can trust.

UrbanDNA is a specialist company with trusted globally experienced staff that aspires to work with progressive cities and their industry partners, in collaboration, to deliver better solutions faster to common urban challenges.

Our work spans strategic advice, solutions that can help transform outcomes, to specific technical products.

We are UK based, with international ambitions, and a global network of associates and partners.


Grand plans deserve nurturing. Making the case; understanding connections between city systems; joining business needs to data/technology possibilities; finding missing solution components; building frameworks that disciplines and partners can embrace to deliver smart solutions – all things that we do.


Urban transformation needs more agility and greater pace. We make sounds plans; bring the right ecosystem of partners; motivate and align teams; ensure the right business models; address access to funds; engage cities to generate scale; and bring committed project management.